Thursday, 30 August 2012

What Kind of Homecoming Dresses Should We Wear?

What Kind of Homecoming Dresses Should We Wear? Aristotle termed human being as a "social animal". Nevertheless, it is impossible for this "social animal" to live without a dress in this society. A dress is indeed an essential part of human life. It is an obvious distinction between man and animal.
Have you ever seen an animal dressed? Or worried about dress?
No. Obviously not. Animal do not need Homecoming Dresses. It is only humans who need Homecoming Dresses; and really in bulk quantity. Some people even have no other tension in life except collecting Homecoming Dresses for parties and events. Such people always wear expressions on their face like am I looking good in my dress? Or look at my dress I bought it from such and such huge shopping mall. So, kindly praise me etc.
There are some other kinds of people who like living in less clothing. They usually prefer wearing strings and patches in the name of dress and take pride at themselves. For such people "the lesser the dress the greater the pride" is the motto of life. I do not ever understand how such people survive in biting cold of winter. The initial expression of such people reminds me two allusions.
1. A chicken hanging on a butcher's shop.
2. Yahoo people of "Gulliver's travel".
Well, never mind. Everyone in this world has the right to live as he/she or it pleases. So, they may or may not wear a dress. It is their own choice.
Somehow, I myself can't live without a dress. After all there's a huge variety of beautiful Homecoming Dresses in this world. Then why don't we try them. For me Blue Homecoming Dresses are the most blessed element of our life. It differentiate human from animals. It bestows grace, elegance and charm to human being.
A good dress can make your personality even though you may or may not be beautiful. If you wear a beautiful dress in nice manner with all other accessories; it surely makes you special in other people's eyes. You really feel yourself confident and a sense of satisfaction will arise from your personality. Your fine and neat dress will certainly reflect the good taste of your personal trait.But; keep in mind, a fine dress may not necessarily be expensive. It may be cheap but it should be neat and clean. The matter is one and the same that how do you carry it.
Also, there is no need to pick a dress which you have seen in a TV show or on the title of a fashion Mag. Perhaps it may not suit you as suited to those people in shows and magazines and consequently you may look ridiculous in that kind of fancy stuff.
So, choosing an appropriate dress is a matter of serious attention. It should be according to your personality, complexion, fashion time and season.
So, be careful in selection of a dress for any particular moment.

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