Saturday, 25 August 2012

As We All Know - The Big homecoming Day is Approaching!

homecoming History
When did the tradition of a homecoming begin?
The word "homecoming" is actually a shortened version of the homecomingenade, a formal dance that was held to help young people develop social manners and etiquette under the supervision of adult chaperones, along with the display of their fashions and dancing skills. By the 1930s, homecomings were held in every high school across the country as a modest affair of well-behaved young men and ladies. The traditional homecoming has taken on some negative aspects like drugs, alcohol and sex, that saddens many parents who once enjoyed this wholesome event. But, there is a move to bring back that wholesome event and keep it good, clean fun for all involved and to make some lasting memories of one of the biggest events in a teenager's life.

Short homecoming Dresses are in
Picking the right length is important
It can be tough picking the right length homecoming dress so you will have to ask your self these questions about wearing a short dress.

1. Do I want to look taller? Short dresses show more legs which gives that taller look and if you choose high heels, that will add more length to you, too.

2. Will I be comfortable in Short Homecoming Dresses? Some girls would rather not show as much of their legs and may feel very conscious of them..

3. Does it accent my figure or make something stand out that I don't want standing out? Short dresses often make a short girl look shorter or make hips look bigger. You may want to try on some of the "babydoll" styles of shorter dresses that don't cling so much. When picking a shorter dress, keep in mind that you will be wearing it for a long time, so it should be fairly comfortable, along with the shoes.

The Big homecoming Day is Approaching!
This is always an exciting time of the year for teenagers everywhere as they anticipate the end of the school year events and the homecoming is one of those fun, dress up events for many girls and boys. The girls, of course get a little more excited because of the lovely dresses and accessories to chose from for that special occasion. The boys, of course get to pick the corsage for that special date and wear a fancy suit or tux, which probably does not thrill him as much as his mother and date for the homecoming.

Whatever your plans are for this year's homecoming, you certainly have a fabulous variety of dresses and hair styles to choose from to prepare ahead for the time of your life!

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