Saturday, 1 September 2012

What Are the colors for the 2012 Homecoming Dress Season?

What Are the colors for the 2012 Homecoming Dress Season? What are the Homecoming dress colors for the 2012 Homecoming Season? Along with the style of Homecoming dress or ball gown, just as important is the color. Just as those fashion styles change, so do color styles. What will be the "new" black, what is the next "sexy" color?
2011 brought with it many bright colors, with multi-colored strong print designs. Alongside that sequins were "in", with gowns that reflected the glamour of 50's Hollywood. Will 2012 be more of the same, or are in for some colorful surprises...
Let's start of this 2012 review with something that just isn't going to change, "the little black number". The classic cut, fine fabric black Homecoming dress is here to stay. Whether it's the shiny silk number for the girl with the svelte figure, or the deep matter fabric for the curvy girl, the black Homecoming dress never fails to impress.

White is making a return (though if you have a clumsy boyfriend you might want to tie his hands together). White adds felinity to any outfit, and gives a pure and simple elegant feel.
Designers are looking back to the 70's for a revival of orange. Not for everyone (check that it will match your complexion); orange adds vibrancy, energy and dynamism. You start seeing orange in the shops early spring as it steadily starts to take over all shop displays.
Green, the color of spring, is elbowing it's way rather forcibly in to the color fray. The great thing about green is the wide variations being used. Vivid bright greens, fresh and vibrant. Deep darker moody greens, perfect for brunettes. Try accessorizing with chunky silver bangles and necklaces for an intoxicating look.
Along with black, blue is a hard color to do without, and year in year out stays the course. 2012 sees a wide spectrum of blue with bright light blues to deep bottom of the ocean blues.
Despite 2012 Gold Homecoming Dresses trends, certain fashion rules still apply. Remember, darker colors are smoothing, so if you are blessed with a voluptuous curves, and want to accentuate certain of them, go for a darker color and accessories up the areas you want to show off. And it might be worth checking your beau isn't planning on something other than traditional black! It would not do for both of you to turn up in sky blue or purple!
At the end of the day though, it's your night, and despite any fashion trends, wear what you know suits you best. The most important part of your outfit will be you, your self-confidence, your smile and radiance. If you feel good, you'll look good. Enjoy your night!

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